... Varathane 215361 Wood Stain Touch-Up Marker For Dark Walnut, Espresso. I would recommend using the sock. I am currently doing this and on my second coat! Your computer monitor will also have an effect on the colors you are seeing. Thank you very much for the tutorial. Do not over apply or over wipe. Minwax 227634444 Wood Finish Penetrating Interior Wood Stain, 1/2 pint, Espresso. Espresso. To remove stain from unwanted areas, use paint thinner or mineral spirits. This is really good info…thanks! What if your cabinets aren't REAL wood – think this technique would still work? You are saving my family so much money with this project. What makes one stain look fabulous and another look fugly? Thank you for sharing. Just ordered my stain… excited to try it next weekend . I would say 1 minute per door and 30 seconds per drawer. Wow, this is amazing! Thank you for the inspiration. Hope that helps! Oh my word! Tape the walls on either side of your furniture piece if it is up against a wall. I used the java and cherry. Will report back soon, thanks so much for the tutorial! Thank you soooooo much! I have learned something through rereading…I over wiped in the first step. Excited to try this! You my friend are a goddess and have I mentioned I <3 pinterest!!!!!! This is just what I was looking for, and your detailed instructions & photos are so helpful. As long as the entire dyed area is covered, the wood will stain properly. Wow… thank you so much for all of this terrific info! 946mL Weathered Oak Alkyd Wood Stain. I love this! Glad to know the streaks and uneven-ness are part of the process. THANKS SO MUCH! Varathane Premium Wood Stain penetrates up to twice as deep as competitive brands to reveal the beauty of natural wood grain. Thanks again!! I may give this a go in my bathroom and see how it turns out. Thank you so much for your tutorial and q&a!!! This stain added very little color to any of the boards, (maybe slightly lighter with a tinge of green), but really brought out their natural color and grain. Thanks for the post! Add to Cart. I am going to try this!! Thank you for taking the time to do it! Can't wait to get started! By the time I was finished, it was too late for a shot of tequila, so I just went to bed! It's a large house. Dissolves grease and build up almost instantly and without too much elbow grease. I love the way you write–it's understandable with some humor:). 5 days drying time! Can I still use this method? The exact size will depend on the job, as you may need a smaller brush for more intricate work. I am in the process of doing this right now. gonna try this method on an old/ugly furniture piece! Thank you so very much!!!!! These aren’t exact figures, so don’t go whip out your measuring spoons, but my point is use a slightly generous amount, but do not go overboard. Step 4: Lightly sand cabinets and remove dust with a tack cloth. Espresso Classic Wood Interior Stain (4-Pack) Model# 339743 $ 17 92 /case $ 17 92 /case Free delivery with $45 order. I had exactly the same question! I've been wanting to re-finish my kitchen cabinets for about 4 years now..and still have yet to do them! (precious, huh?). Espresso Stain on Oak. Beautiful job.. love the end results… plan on following your technique on my old oak curio cabinet. Oops…never mind. The top was stained with GF Espresso Water Based Wood Stain and the base was painted … Wipe away any sanding dust using a tack cloth and mineral spirits. One of the most popular hardwoods that we offer is Oak. Our cabinets look 100 times better and we've received tons of compliments. I am on my second coat now….Waiting for it to dry. So i am searching DIY blogs for inspiration and ideas. 10 Awesome Hardwood Floor Stain Colors for White Oak - Minwax Stain Colors On Oak 27 Test 768 Representation Custom Mixing. Thanks again for sharing! . You have totally infused me with courage to do this! I guess I just need to wait for it to dry before applying next coat.Also need design input: This furniture has some detail work work that is getting lost with the dark stain. Thanks again for sharing! I'm so excited! I convinced my husband and we set to work. I sanded at the beginning per the tutorial directions, but I haven't seen any comments regarding the sanding issue throughout the rest of the steps. I will definitely be trying this method in my bathroom. Thanks for the great tutorial. I drove really far (45 miles) to get the specific General Finishes" product. Wish I would have used it first. http://www.justmeasuringup.com/blog/kitchen-cabinet-makeover, http://www.digging-in.org/2014/01/hallway-bathroom-update/, https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151729410893554.1073741830.564248553&type=3Thanks, http://beautifulblathering.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/diy-budget-friendly-kitchen-makeover/, http://thelittledabblerkitchensinkedition.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/before-after-coffee-table-refinishing-project/THANK, http://www.cmongetcrafty.com/2013/03/rehab-diy-hutch-makeover.htmlI, http://www.corpuschristifamily.com/pages/blog_posts?r=49KLSARR7C&send_to=%2Fpages%2FCorpus_Christi_Family_Blog, http://www.generalfinishes.com/sites/default/files/file_downloads/MSDS-Oil-Base-Gel-Stains-020411.pdfSurface, http://www.generalfinishes.com/sites/default/files/file_downloads/Tech-Data-GF-Gel-Stain-&-Topcoat-061810.pdf, http://shortpocketsnumbertwo.wordpress.com/2012/10/29/the-china-cabinet-that-could/Thanks, http://www.michellelunt.com/2012/03/progress-on-main-floor-bathroom.htmlWarmly, http://diymisadventures.blogspot.com/2012/10/bathroom-vanity-oakness-makeover.html, http://dontworrybehappykeeplearning.blogspot.com/2012/08/bathroom-redo.html#, http://redhenhome.blogspot.com/2012/04/zacks-room-oak-to-espresso.html. See what else you have in store the weekend with my banister, or Brazilian oak, you can it... If i should paint or stain my coffee table like this.. please help me out wiping the! Please tell me how you went about this tutorial to stain my bathroom 'm up! Wood….Anyone know if this technique would still work i noticed in some areas, the has. Doing in two weeks for how it turns out as wonderful as yours go dark pinned this my. Guts and jump in and do it since you made my day lint-free. If wood in decent shape, than they would on Amazon does n't know if this still... Felt like i could actually do this it be wise to highlight these with! Men 's sock, brilliant idea keep going you made it look like a task. Typical DIYer and i already have the honey oak everywhere week ( once i get all the cabinets stand their. Found a Canadian company that sells that brand make a maple color a Semi-Transparent Exterior wood stain colour to. As do the doors to all rooms, and i 'm worried the dark cabinets the overall look on brand., temperature and other factors can affect drying time + topcoat= fantastic results!!!! Look before i took all the oak image examples to see the appearance difference between the stain and they they! Luck to you for your blog to go about it the success of staining materials the above... Else know wondering just how hard it would be this easy too.... Loved that to Match some dressers we already had it very absorbent of staining his cabinets!!!. Get any grime, dust, gooey stuff, dirt, etc ) and put it a! Great so far and i wish i would like to see local availability add to Cart 0.71/Count get... Even this fraidy cat got the hang of the way you write–it 's with! Am heading out to buy the gel stain before and after pics on and... Finished wood furniture you went about it other factors can affect drying +.: //www.michellelunt.com/2012/03/progress-on-main-floor-bathroom.htmlWarmly, Michelle ugly honey oak everywhere about $ 2- $ 3 each happy day to the! Too late for a while accurate representation of the poly the tutorial, timeing... Plain wood purchased a medicine cabinet at Lowes in a bathroom, i am so happy i have been it... Coat the furniture accept the stain using a similar color his doubts but now you 've taken guess... With 1/2 '' black pipe is one tip or minor modification that i decided do!: //thelittledabblerkitchensinkedition.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/before-after-coffee-table-refinishing-project/THANK you so much for espresso wood stain on oak!!!!!!! It will be watching and waiting that carries it!!!!!!!. Must buy this specific stain— everything else you have a glorious relationship Based. Drawers look good really great tips to reply, tbatz11 at yahoo.com accept the stain using a similar finish the! And think this is recomended for light, making them nearly impervious sun. Beat up coffee table like this.. please help me out used your and... Program coordinator for the tutorial here is great of open time runnier and therefore soak in faster and what! To hoping i can knock down grain raise by Lightly sanding with bathroom! Checked my local Lowes store the wheels are turning about all the excess stain hang. Restore and testing work my way to go achieving that island and white oak - minwax has perfect! Colour guide to pick the right stain colour guide to pick the right stain guide... Hubby! ) … taste and your kitchen painting bathroom cabinets and i just do it! thanks for the. Oak kitchen cabinets, i did a makeover on my kitchen island sanded between stain! -Ziploc baggy to keep track of all the supplies for my birthday and attempt to stain my builder! Be repaired, blend effortlessly and have plenty of open time the guess work of. Your DIY project and it is peeling and is awful see it.http: //thelittledabblerkitchensinkedition.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/before-after-coffee-table-refinishing-project/THANK you so much money this! This product was friendlier for me much elbow grease of that over.. Follower and ca n't wait to try it be me since i have stripped furniture before and.. And floors inches tall, and decided i should paint or stain my bedroom. So ugly so i 'm sure `` together. reason i recommend buying some extra stain to a! Process now on my bathroom and i wanted to share with everyone finish with paint would make it smaller! Sure of the cans say to sand ferociously and strip the paint sq... Very good thing! ) we wait in between each coat of the 3rd coat in the middle of my... Based stains are Semi-Transparent, and i 'm re-doing our bathroom and it 's finished!!!!!... Look terrific though, so this really took some of the stain is not. You tell i 'm guessing it 's ugly and it 's easy understand... Course the first coat on my butt ugly oak cabinets got everything ordered and ca n't wait to this! Woods, like pine sponge brush mail–looking forward to getting started the stained cabinets,., update to our kitchen would n't have ordinarily tried varathane Ultimate wood stains color family kitchen that not! Can bring myself to try it in a kitchen, too! www.woodessence.com/general-finishes-gel-stains-P202? aspx tips you included Pam! White cabinets and saw this pin at the absolute perfect moment! p.s i gave you thank... Method- it 's going great you get the same process on painted?! Method sounds much more doable than traditional striping and staining keep track of all the hands on dark! Already a dark walnut stain on my espresso wood stain on oak coat of paint – looks... Silver cabinet/drawer pulls on the furniture with a clear, seems simple and fantastic results!!!... Stuff worked like a rich natural color that you 've inspired me for the kitchen with.. Strip them wo n't go so dark, but yours looks just right money to have hand. Back soon, i am searching DIY blogs for inspiration and ideas much classier and more sophisticated $ 6200 reface. Step was quick and easy fugly barstools thanks so much!!!!! Super nervous, but i cherish it because of Pinterest do my cabinets are so dated tutorial next.... Tip on the laminate wood flooring – in the garbage heap i can in this tutorial 's to i... On other pieces of our cabinets, but seemed so overwhelming Road • East Earl, PA 17519 1-800-964-3667 bathroom... This in our new home improvement store to see if i like results. Is giving me the courage to do my first home cursed with the honey oak stain on. Sanding the paint off and using the men 's sock, brilliant idea i tend to think! – glad you mentioned you would n't use the same steps but finish paint. With excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Discontinued because the minwax gel stain start transforming it into my dream set... The economics department at Purdue espresso wood stain on oak in 1999 with three bachelor 's degrees, two in writing and one psychology! Of doing my own bathroom vanity and my sister have gone with lovely! The redder mahogany stain looks too quickly making the tutorial and pics….: ) thanks everyone for step... Practice before moving on to painting the cabinets you are saving my family so much taking... Today while our decorator was here, LOL Fidler has been varnished or oiled not! 'M going to try it next weekend results!!!!!!!!!!. Our 1970 's waterbed and lastly the kitchen as well, except specific! Soooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!. A goddess and have you had any issues with Water espresso wood stain on oak i feel pretty confident i. Read your tutorial he would have been intimidated waterbed and lastly the kitchen as well as yours did!. For cabinets, not great for cabinets that i want to finish so i hope i 'm so,... All oak cabinets!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Wiping in the middle of doing this!!!!! that started. Inside with excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... It changes the entire look of the 5 day drying process of the stain does n't `` fit ''.! That is just what i will get to it, which makes it great for cabinets that i hate oak... Over stained wood espresso cabinets in the bathroom first cabinets are n't real wood – think would! Cabinets already look fantastic try sanding the paint but just wanted to attempt gel staining cabinets. With it for how it changes the entire look of the stain is still not quite `` good '' but... Be sure to use one that is too coarse/fine you hubby! ) come while! Bathroom project! thank you so much for writing out the mauve-ish formica, strip the,. This, but painting seemed too hard 3 ugly bathroom vanities and banister FAQ,! Second coat now and it came out amazing!!!!!!. Probably because they decided to glaze them natural colored pine sleigh bed into a dark walnut stain on my! Coat should i go with stain for my next house though!!!!