“Hoping to get her attention, she ignored the grand gesture and walked out with someone else.”. Here follow several examples of dangling modifiers and how to fix them. Phrases can also act as modifiers, providing additional information about something else in the sentence. If not, it also is a dangling modifier. Doesn’t mean you won’t make this mistake ever again. Robert laughed hard when he his friend cracked a joke at him. For example: Hoping to garner favor, my new boyfriend brought my parents a gift that sadly failed to impress them. The pie wasn’t hungry, but someone sure was. This is about moving forward with the know-how you need to write and edit better than ever. Take Exam But whoever made that gesture isn’t even mentioned, which is what makes this sentence so confusing. No need to dwell on past mistakes, though. In some situations, a dangling modifier can render a whole sentence meaningless. Final Exam 11th Grade English: Tutoring Solution Status: Not Started. Correction: This sentence could be corrected by adding a proper subjectidentifying the person … “Not having studied the lab manual carefully, the experiment was a failure.”. While I definitely want to see the dress, now, this sentence is confusing because the dress itself can’t have anything to prove, anyway. How to repair dangling modifiers – two options: 1. Examples of dangling modifiers Before going out in the rain, some umbrellas must be carried. In grammar, adverbs and adjectives are both modifiers. Linking modifiers correctly to their subjects is what makes complex sentences work. Dangling modifiers will have nowhere to hide. It will be easiest for you to understand the problem of the dangling modifier if I show you some examples. Stuck standing in line for the elevator, people were getting impatient to get to the party. Problem: Here, it seems as though we have a subject: "my lateness." Learn how to fix these errors – and how to put modifiers in their place – with a helpful grammar worksheet. Consider the following sentence: Putting on my pajamas, a mouse ran across the floor. Example: Incorrect: Hearing the good news, happiness was mine. Example 7 with an Adjective. What's the difference between a dangling modifer and a misplaced modifier? Example 5 with Participle Phrase. It’s embarrasing, but it happens — even when you know better. A dangling modifier occurs when the subject of a modifier is missing from the sentence. At other times the dangling modifier is placed next to the wrong noun or noun substitute. Problem: Again, we are left wondering exactly who read the great new book. Adjectives like "happy" go before the thing they are modifying or after, with a helping verb. Some dangling modifiers do not have a present or past participle. Dangling elliptical clause: In this sentence, the modifier when just six years old is positioned next to my grandmother, suggesting that my six year old grandmother taught me ballet. This sentence is correctly composed because Jill is the subject, and the phrase having finished the assignment describes Jill. Stuck standing in line, the elevator was keeping people from getting to the party. 1. And it has to be a person — not a party. Having finished the assignment , Jill turned on the TV. Click to Grab the FREE Checklist: "46 Simple Steps To Write & Publish Your Book”, “Hoping to get her attention, her ex had the restaurant named after her, but she ignored the grand gesture and walked out with someone else.”, “Having missed school for a week, she needed to bring a written doctor’s note.”, “Understanding the veterinary clinic’s policies, the puppy’s owner set an appointment well in advance.”, “Reading the hotel’s pet policy, we left our dog at a local vet clinic during our vacation.”, “Not having studied the manual carefully, Bill and Ted botched the experiment (or, “Hungry, my dad and little brother devoured the blueberry pie while I cleaned up.”, “Devastated, Lucy was in no state to attend a party — even one at her favorite restaurant.”, “With nothing to prove, Lily wore a dress that made her the focal point of the evening.”, “With a gasp, Dr. Jefffers quickly resealed the lid.”, “Without knowing the recipe, Maeve knew it was risky to make a cake from scratch.”, “After reading the poem aloud, he saw in her face that, in spite of his eloquence, he’d failed to move her.”, Example 10 with Prepositional Phrase and Participle, Example 11 with Prepositional Phrase and Participle, How to Write a Winning Pitch for Your Book or Writing Project, 365 Of The Best Daily One-Word Writing Prompts, 75 Of The Best Angst Writing Prompts Ever, 19 Best Self-Publishing Companies For Your Writing Business, 111 Awesomely Clever Narrative Writing Prompts, List of The Best Self-Publishing Companies. Hoping to excuse my lateness, I wrote a note and gave it to my teacher. The hallmark of a dangling modifier is a missing subject; that is, there is no subject doing the action in the sentence. So, once we add that someone, we can rephrase the sentence to turn the dangling modifier (“having missed school for a week”) into a well-placed one. However, modifiers don't always have to be simple words or phrases like "happy," and sentences aren't always simple. If you did, people would immediately ask you, "The happy what?" Correction: This sentence could be corrected by adding a proper subject identifying the person who was hoping to win over the parents. The more you know how to avoid (and fix) modifier errors, the clearer your writing will be. For example: In this sentence, the adjective "happy" modifies the noun "boy," and the adverb "very" modifies the adjective "happy. My note may not get me out of trouble, but at least I won't have bad grammar too! A dangling modifier is a phrase or clause that does not logically modify any word in the sentence in which it appears. The following is an example of the most severe and obvious problem with a dangling modifier: sometimes the resulting sentence just doesn't make sense. Dangling Modifier Examples. Dangling modifiers often take the form of an introductory phrase followed by a clause that doesn’t state the intended subject. Each example starts with an incorrect sentence and ends with a solution. This example is clearer than the first, but still lacks the clarity and detail of good writing. Example 8 with Prepositional Phrase. Dangling Participle Examples . The dog cannot read the signs; the word(s) “reading the hotel’s restrictions” modifies have been omitted 2. The written doctor’s note hasn’t missed any school — but someone has. A dangling modifier does not have anything to modify because the word or words it should modify have been omitted from the sentence.These sentences should be restructured to include the words the modifiers describe.Dangling Modifier Examples: 1. Social exclusion is inevitable when faced with mobility restrictions. Example: After leaving the house, the car was started. Example 1 with a Participle Phrase. When this occurs, and when sentences become more complex, dangling modifiers can exist and get lost in the complexity of the language. An example of a dangling modifier is the phrase "having come" in the first clause in the sentence "Having come to the movie to … Correction: Rearranging the sentence resolves all confusion. Dangling modifiers are errors. Modifiers need to be as close as possible to what they're modifying. A modifier is considered dangling when the sentence isn't clear about what is being modified. The examples above should trim your dangling modifiers and help you recognize them in future. Thanks to modifiers, words like “the bird” become “the soaring bird.” Sentences like, “She peered through the window,” become “With a gleam in her eye, she peered through the window.” Examples of Misplaced or Dangling Modifiers Here are some examples which sound funny when you hear them. Unbeaten, the regular season championship belonged to the Wildcats. So, “with nothing to prove” needs a subject who might otherwise need to prove something. Incorrect: Reading the hotel’s restrictions, my dog stayed at home. It is unlikely that the parents were hoping to garner favor, since they wouldn't have given an unimpressive gift to themselves, but the sentence offers no other options. Create a word for the modifier to describe. Being explicit makes writing clearer and easier to understand. Logically, it's "people" who are stuck standing in line, but with the way this sentence is structured, grammatically that phrase must refer to "the elevator," making the sentence nonsensical. Once you read this post and look over its 11 examples of dangling modifiers, you will. She went out to celebrate with her friends after winning the lottery from a single ticket. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 1st form of verb + ing) or a past participle (2nd form of verb).An example of dangling participle having present participle: Flying in the sky, I saw a huge flock of birds. Now, at least, you’ll be better able to spot those mistakes during editing. After reading the great new book, Anna thought the movie based on it was sure to be exciting. Here, social exclusion is said to … Example 6 with an Adjective. When a modifier comes at the beginning of a sentence and is separated by a comma, the word following the comma (the subject of the sentence) is what the modifier refers to and modifies. A misplaced modifier is a type of ambiguous grammatical construct whereby a grammatical modifier could be misinterpreted as being associated with a word other than the one intended. A dangling modifier is a word or phrase that modifies a word not clearly stated in the sentence. The modifier thus dangles because it has nothing in the sentence to describe. Here’s another incidence where the use of passive voice leaves the modifer (“understanding the veterinary clinic’s policies”) dangling and makes the sentence confusing. In this example, the subject who was fumbling in her purse is not stated, so it seems like the keys were doing the fumbling. Examples of Misplaced Modifiers Sentences would be pretty dull without modifiers to provide excitement and intrigue. Adverbs can go before or after the thing they are modifying.