Meet the Team

  • JoeJoseph P. Schwieterman has spent more than three decades studying the Windy City’s historically significant and ever-changing transportation system. Schwieterman is a nationally known authority on air, bus, and train travel, his professional experience spans different modes of travel. He worked at United Airlines for eight years, is the author of When the Railroad Leaves Town: American Communities in the Age of Rail Line Abandonment, and is an authority on intercity bus travel. He is a professor in the School of Public Service and director of the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University.

    Schwieterman roots in Chicago area are deep. He holds a masters of transportation from Northwestern University and Ph.D. in public policy studies at the University of Chicago. Since joining the School of Public Service at DePaul, he has built strong links to area transportation organizations. Schwieterman is president of the Chicago chapter of the Transportation Research Forum and a member of the Midway Historians, Shore Line Interurban Historical Society, and Midwest High Speed Rail Association.

    As native of Ohio, Schwieterman fondly recalls traveling to and from Chicago Union Station as a small boy on the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Admiral and Broadway Limited and traveling from Midway Airport in the first months of Midway Airlines service in early 1980. He is a daily Metra Electric rider who resides in the city’s south suburbs.

  • The following individuals kindly volunteered their services on the municipal award committee of the Terminal Town festival:

    Laurie B. Marston, AICP
    Land Use and Planning Specialist

    John Spoden, AICP
    Land Use and Planning Specialist
    M.S., DePaul School of Public Service
    Leader of Site Visit Team

    John Hedrick, JD
    Municipal Design Review Program Advisor

    Jacques Gourguechon, AICP
    Camiros, Ltd.

    Blair MacHarg
    M.P.A., DePaul School of Public Service
    Alumni Representative on Site Visit Team

    Brett Melvin
    Graduate Student,  M.A. Sustainable Urban Development Program
    Student Representative on Site Visit Team

  • Terminal Town would not have been possible without the assistance of many individuals who supported the research and fact-findings. The research team acknowledges the support of Kevin J. Holland; Norman Carlson, Dave Hoffman, and Bruce Moffatt of the Shore Line Interurban Historical Society; William Molony of the Blackhawk Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society; and members of the Midway Airport Historians, including Pat Bukiri, David Kent, Christopher Lynch, and Bob Russo. The team would also like to recognize Fred Ash, Barry Chrenen, Rick Harnish, Graham Garfield, Art Peterson, F.K. Plous, Jeffrey Sriver, William Vandervoort, I.E. Quastler, and John Zukowski for their guidance and insights.

    Many individuals at DePaul University also lent a hand, including Susan Aaron, Xhoana Ahmeti, Lauren Fischer, John Hedrick, Justin Kohls, Paige Largent, Laurie Marston, Dana Nelson, Sara Lepro, Mollie Pelon, Ryan Forst, Marisa Schulz, and Kate Witherspoon.

    The custom maps for Terminal Town were created by Dennis McClendon of Chicago Cartographics and Rick Johnson of Kalmbach Publishing Co. The author thanks these talented cartographers and the staff of Trains magazine for permission to use the Kalmbach publication’s base map of U.S. rail-passenger routes

    Finally, the Terminal Town team recognizes the staff at Lake Forest College Press, including Emma O’Hagan, Leslie Taylor, Nicole FioRito, and Davis Schneiderman, director of Lake Forest College Press.

  • Carolyn Pastore
    Carolyn is working on her Master’s degree at DePaul in the Information Systems program with a concentration in Security and Compliance. She plans to complete her program in 2016. She has two years of management experience and joined the Terminal Town as the website Project Manager after being approached by a former classmate.

    Chris Lackore
    Chris is currently pursuing a master's degree at DePaul in the Business Information Technology program and plans to finish in the Spring of 2016. He joined the Terminal Town development team as our Technical Lead after hearing about the project from one of his professors. Away from DePaul, Chris works full time at Trust Risk Management Services as a Senior Software Developer.

    Feiying Hu
    Feiying is a second year graduate student at DePaul, majoring in Information System and specializing in Business Web Analysis and Development. She will graduate in March of 2015. She currently works part time at the university as an Information Technology Assistant for the School for New Learning and as a Web Developer for DePaul Library. She joined Terminal Town as developer after being asked by Dr. Yele Adelakun.

    Andy Hoffman, videographer
    Andrew is an award winning filmmaker and videographer based in Chicago. He has helped produce videos for large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, rock bands, and precocious kids. He is currently pursuing an MFA in film at DePaul University.